20 of the Most Heartfelt Birthday Wishes you can Send to Her

Browse through our incredible collection of birthday wishes you can send to her on any occasion! Finding the best wish to send on such an important day for the girl you love is not an easy task. Fitting so many emotions in such a small amount of words is something that even the best lyricist can find daunting. Especially if you are one of those people that most of the times cannot go beyond the trial and tested “Happy birthday!” which in our case is just not enough, then my friend you are in trouble. Worry not though, because this is why are here for! We have provided you with the best birthday wishes you can send to her on any type of occasion!Happy birthday my love

Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes for your Wife

  • The day we got married I was sure I’d never been as happy as I was that day again until I saw our child being born. You are the reason I am the happiest person on Earth. Happy birthday!
  • People used to pray to the goddesses for their lives to become better, all it took for me was to marry one! Happy birthday!
  • From the very first time my eyes locked with yours, I was sure you were going to be the woman I’d marry. After all this time I can say that I’ve never made a better decision in my life. I love you, Happy birthday!
  • True love is knowing that no matter what the difficulty is, you will always have someone by your side supporting you till the end. You’ve always been there for me, in times of joy and need. Thank you, my Happy birthday!
  • You are the reason I wake up every day and try my best to support our family. You have made this life of mine look like a fairy tale, and I’m the lucky prince! Happy birthday!


  • In this new chapter that unfolds right between our eyes in the book we call life, I want to wish you the very best. This is what you deserve for being the sweetest and most caring wife ever! Happy birthday!
  • You are the sun that illuminates my heart and the shadow that covers all my demons. For me, the only reason the Earth rotates around the sun is so that I get to spend another day with you. Happy birthday!
  • I know it’s your birthday, but ironically I’m the one receiving the present since I get to spend another day with you. You have made me the happiest person on Earth. Thank you for being the best wife I could have ever possibly wished for. Happy birthday!
  • The day we got married I thought that it was the best day of my life. Then I realized that spending each and every day with you makes all days the best! Happy birthday!
  • Dear love, I wish you the best in everything you try and promise you that I will always stand by you to admire the fantastic woman you have become. I love you. Happy birthday!

Love you so much happy birthday

Romantic Birthday Wishes for your Girlfriend/Fiancé

  • I want to use this special day of yours as a way to show you how much I care about you. My life would not have been the same if you weren’t around. Thank you for making me happier than I could have ever wished for. Happy birthday!
  • People usually pray for their lives to become better, but I never needed such a thing. My life instantly became better the day I met you! Happy birthday!
  • True Love Birthday Messages
  • Being a pirate is the very last thing I would do in this life. Since I have all the treasures, I need to be hidden inside your beautiful eyes. Happy birthday!
  • We’ve shared all kinds of moments together, both happy and sad. So, I want to thank you for being always there for me and wish you that you achieve everything you want in your life. Happy birthday! I love you.
  • Romantic Birthday Wishes
  • Falling in love with you is an emotion that I wish you I could live through again and again for the rest of my life. Happy birthday! I love you.


  • For each and every day I spend with you, it is not the sun that brightens up my day, it’s your eyes. I love you. Happy birthday!
  • I know I have promised to devote my every day into making you happy, but today is extra special because it’s your birthday! So, since words have little meaning, the rest are due for when I see you in person. Happy birthday!
  • Romantic and Unique Birthday Messages for Girlfriend
  • Today is the perfect day to tell you how much I love you and genuinely care about you. This relationship is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you. Happy birthday!
  • You are the only person in this world which I can trust with my very life. I promise to always be there for you in times of both joy and sadness and provide you with the very best this world has to offer. I love you. Happy birthday!
  • Cute Happy Birthday Messages
  • Artists use color and paint to express their feelings, but unfortunately, I never learned how to draw. All I have is my words to say that it is you that gave color to my world. I love you. Happy birthday!

Love you happy birthday

That was it! I hope you really enjoyed reading this article and hopefully, you found something that was the perfect fit for your situation! I know putting your feelings into words is not that easy, but you don’t have to be ashamed to get some help! All that matters is that it comes from your heart and you find a proper way to express it. What I mean by this is that you should not stop to just a small bunch of words. Try and get a nice present for her, or maybe some flowers and throw a pleasant surprise when you see her to show that you really care about her. Good luck! Oh and happy birthday to her!