Cool Birthday Messages

Anyone can give the standard “Happy Birthday” greeting. It is appropriate and warmly received, but when the birthday honoree is someone you care about, it’s time to “super-size” it! Show them you are plugged in to the trends by dispensing with the ho-hum language and generic phrasing. Older folks will chuckle when they read your cheeky quips while younger folks – teens and GenX-ers – will appreciate that you chose to wish them a happy birthday using their own language. A birthday wish using cool language and contemporary phrasing will speak to them on their level. Break through the old confines and get your “cool” on, whether using social media or putting pen to paper. Make your written birthday wish sound exactly like a face to face greeting. A heartfelt message that tailors the words to the recipient a big hit and sets you apart in their mind and heart.

  • Dude! You’re having another birthday? No freakin’ way! You gotta stop that, man. People are gonna start saying your name with “old man…” in front of it.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who doesn’t look any older than when we got arrested in college. You don’t remember that? Uh … nevermind.
  • Have a great birthday. You’re not old enough for Social Security yet, but you ARE old enough to think that day will never arrive.
  • My condolences on the loss of your youth and congratulations on getting more awesome with each year. You gotta teach me how you do that!
  • Even though you’ve had a slightly difficult year, I’m wishing you minimum hassles, even keel celebrations, and maximum FUN on your birthday.
  • Did you know that birthday celebrations can be a health hazzard? I’ve heard of tennis elbow, but margherita elbow? On your birthday, maybe it’s time to consider using a straw.
  • Who knew when we were riding bicycles together that we’d end up such great friends now that we’ve become kick-ass adults? Happy Birthday, friend.
  • Balloons, gifts, singing, confetti, ice cream, candles and cake – let’s not forget CAKE! Hope your birthday rocks, just like you.
  • Soooo, you’ve been traveling in an intergalactic black hole? Time warp? Fountain of youth? Have a Happy birthday “Secret-Keeper!”


  • Happy birthday to someone who’s not racking up years – you’re racking up loyal friends and fun experiences and you deserve the very best.
  • Birthday Wishes for Friends
  • Happy Birthday to my most-likely-to-have-a-birthday-that’s-both-fun-and-legendary friend.
  • Best Friend Birthday Wishes
  • Everything you’ve ever put your mind to, you’ve accomplished, so commit yourself to having a very Happy Birthday.
  • Funny Birthday Messages
  • When a birthday meets a totally awesome, loyal, loving person, it creates … well, YOU! Hope it’s great.
  • Happy Birthday Wishes
  • I know you probably always wanted someone devoted to your happiness to with you a Happy Birthday, so BAM! Woop, there it is!
  • Clever and Funny Ways to Wish Happy Birthday
  • Yo, yo, yo… it’s the Birthday Bro! Pump up the jam and rock on; you’re only over the hill when you decide you are.
  • Funny Birthday Quotes
  • You have always been the one who provides the best, most epic memories for everyone around you. This year I’m wishing YOU a birthday that is legendary.

Dude! You're having another birthday? No freakin' way! You gotta stop that, man. People are gonna start saying your name with "old man..." in front of it.

  • You are the Master of your domain, King of your castle, Czar of all you survey. Demand the Birthday celebration you deserve!
  • Queen of Quite A Lot, Her Royal Resplendence, Duchess of Dazzling – That’s you, so here’s hoping your Birthday is befitting Your Excellence!
  • Glitter, unicorns, rainbows, pinky swears, PJ parties, pink ponies, friendship bracelets and kittens. Hope your birthday is sweeter than all that crap.
  • Because you are constantly helping others (including me) and putting smiles on the faces of everyone you encounter, I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays.
  • Whatever blows your skirt up, whatever turns your crank, whatever browns your biscuit — do THAT and make it an outstanding birthday!
  • Beautiful, boundless, bedazzled, brain-blasting, breathtaking, brilliant, brazen and bodacious Birthday to my Best Bud — that’s you!
  • Whether serenity and Sinatra, manic and Metallica, pacific or party-filled, genteel or ginormeous, make yours the best birthday ever.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who never ages. I know that because if you’re older that means I’m older and it ain’t happenin’ sista!
  • I’ve been doing my best to stick up for you, but if you insist on continuing to grow older without looking like it, I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do for you.


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