Original Father’s Birthday Wishes – Happy Birthday Dad

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5 Responses

  1. lacopachig.science says:

    Happy birthday to the best father ever. I remember when you cleaned up my skinned knees, held my hand across the street, taught me how to reach for the stars. You are my inspiration and my hero.

  2. jinky Bonife says:

    Today is your most awaited part of your life dad .To celebrate your 47th birthday .Thanks dad for everything .Yeah,we don’t always agree on everything,but you turned out pretty darn good anyway .I love u dad and Godbless!

  3. olatunji says:

    Am so happy to read through most of these quotes, it enable me to appreciate the roll of a father the more.

  4. Sheikh Nasir says:

    Very interestin need more pls

  5. joisen says:

    Tnx dad you’re my everything..thnks for ol d support without you i will never be wer i am now.thnks for loving me

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