Find the perfect birthday wish

Think of yourself as another year wiser and not another year older. This is definitely something to celebrate, so have a Happy Birthday.

Birthday Toasts for Loved Ones

The best birthday greetings are those that are expressed with love and heartfelt words. They are words to be remembered with a smile, and they are words meant to warm the heart and make the person having a birthday feel...


30th Birthday Wishes

Turning 30 is one of life’s great milestones. You’re old enough to enjoy life with your own resources yet not too old to start worrying about life on a retirement pension. People look at turning 30 as an important transition...

And God said , “Let there be light.” Then you were born. You are a gift from heaven, and the light of our lives. Happy Birthday, love.

Religious Birthday Wishes for Christians

For people of the faith, life’s best moments are best expressed in terms of their relationship with God. Faith-based greetings present a wonderful opportunity to exalt the creator for his creation while communicating gratitude and graciousness for being blessed by...